SEO Mistakes: Can Be Avoided By Using A Local SEO Expert

On-page SEO

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There are plenty of SEO mistakes you can avoid to improve your ranking in search engines. Some of these mistakes are common, others less so, and all have varying degrees of difficulty in order to be solved. Knowing them and performing a thorough review to determine if your website may be suffering from any of them is the first step to improve your strategy for search engine rankings. Below, you can find each of these mistakes explained in more detail provided by your local SEO expert consultant in Phoenix.

Not implementing Google authorship

Google Authorship is the way by which Google can associate web content with a person. To accomplish this, use your social network or platform identities, Google+. Not implementing Google Authorship is one of the simplest SEO mistakes to correct. By properly establishing authorship, search results appear to have an author with a photo of the author, which will help increase your site’s authority and confidence, improving your CTR. A Phoenix SEO expert can help you set up Google Authorship to ensure you get your best foot forward.

Not enough diversity concerning subjects and media

When you’ve just created your website or blog, or even when you are thinking of ways to improve the digital strategy for a site that is already established, it’s easy to overestimate your ability to generate content by wanting to cover too many topics. Your local Phoenix SEO consultant will tell you that having too many topics on your website entails various problems for your optimization strategy search engine:

  • All your visitors may not like to have such a wide range of topics.
  • Each subject should be less in-depth, as a general rule.
  • It costs more to establish yourself as an authority on many different topics rather than just a couple.

Content without depth or originality

Some years ago, recycling other people’s articles or using software by simply copying and pasting from other sites could help you position yourself well in the search engines. Times have changed though, for the benefit of users and for search engines. People are looking for useful information, something that is substantial and original. Search engines now penalize shallow, plagiarized or worthless content to benefit the most valuable content.

Misuse of meta-tags and URLs

If you want search engines to find the great content you’re creating, you need to master the use of meta-tags and URLs. Among the many mistakes of SEO, this can be the most damaging to your site if you do not detect the actions to correct it. A poorly implemented system, or plain laziness when creating content, may be hurting your SEO layout. Ask a SEO consultant in Phoenix how you can optimize the use of these items.

Incorrect use of anchor text

Anchor text is the word, or set of words, that make up the link to another website. For example, if you want to learn about search engine optimization services, you can place a link in the text here. The links are Internet based and anchor texts are an important element of them. This is one of those mistakes that your SEO expert consultant in Phoenix will warn you about and can be devastating to your SEO without you even realizing it.

Hiring an SEO consultant can be one of the most important business decisions you make. These professionals will ensure your rank improves while your mistakes stay low and your material quality remains high. For more information, contact your local Phoenix SEO expert today.