Social Media Management – A Ranking SEO Factor

Social media management plays into SEO by sending qualified leads to your website and speaking directly to your target market. We know that your customers are spending time on social media, particularly on their mobile devices, so we want to engage with them where they are and how they want to connect with your brand.

What We Post
When you choose Rising Phoenix SEO to manage your digital and social-media marketing, we will send you a social-media intake form to provide us insight into your brand. We’ll ask questions about how your brand differs from the competition, what specials and offers you’d like to highlight, and where you’d like to drive your social-media community. You will also provide us with your logo and any images you want to share on your social platforms.

Using that information, we will conduct research on stories of interest to your audience. We will also choose images that reflect your brand, in addition to your branded images. We believe in a mix of content, images, and direct calls to action to really make a difference in your outreach efforts.

Option 1: Proactive Posting
Our team posts links, images, and calls to action to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn business pages to create conversations and engagement with your community. Using your brand logo, we will create up to five custom images monthly to share. And we will also allocate a portion of your budget each month to Facebook advertising to drive more likes and/or engagement.

Each month, we will check in with you on the direction we’re taking and any specific components you’d like to highlight. Then we will plan out the month and make sure you have posts seven days a week on all of your platforms.

Option 2: Full Engagement
Level up your social-media game beyond just posting with our full engagement package. In addition to the proactive posting, we will be reactive as well. That includes monitoring all of your social-media platforms to respond to comments and messages in real time, providing a voice behind your brand. When your community engages, we engage right back—which naturally leads to a higher level of engagement!

If you are using social media as part of your customer-service initiatives, this is a great option, as we will answer messages and direct your customers where you prefer, either with a custom template response or communicating with a key person in your company to ensure a stellar customer experience online.

And if something happens in your business, just let us know. If you have pictures, thoughts, or something you want to share, we’ll handle it right away. Your social media will be on autopilot working for you day and night.

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