Ethics In Search Engine Optimization

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White hat SEO, black hat SEO, what does it really mean? On the surface you can make a snap judgement and decide that white hat MUST be more ethical, but what’s really going on here?

Any discussion of ethics in terms of SEO that brings up the term “white hat SEO” is completely misleading and frankly just marketing spin. To say that you are a “white hat SEO” is a complete and utter fantasy. This term really has no business or value to you or your business it is a marketing ploy.

You have A Choice

When you engage in paid advertising with Google, you must agree to their terms of service (TOS).

It is HIGHLY recommended that you adhere to the letter of the law and make sure you are completely following their rules…when it comes to ‘pay per click’.

However, when it comes to Google’s search engines or organic / free rankings, YOU are the one that decides what to do with your website.  Your website is your business and yours alone.

What does Google REALLY want?

I know what you are thinking there is no way they are making THAT much money on those ads. What if I said they made close to $500 Million last month on those ads? How about that for a figure….Well the truth is they did not make that much.

I understand this is going to be difficult to understand and it took me a while to really understand.  However, last month Google made over $6 Billion dollars on those ads..Yeah that was with a B. So if I was Google I would really make sure to keep that golden goose taking care of its business. Just like the tv networks trying to keep you in your seats for commercials, just keep us tuned in.

What does this mean for your business?

There are a million SEO companies out there and you do have a choice.

If you are having a discussion with someone and they start in about they are only white hat seo, what does that mean? Well according to Google’s own terms of service if you are doing ANYTHING to manipulate the rankings then you are breaking their rules.

The thing is, what rules are they REALLY talking about?  Your website is is just that YOURS, and if you can find someone that can work within the guidelines that are being used to rank sites, you will have a distinct advantage over someone that is unaware of what Google is looking for.

This is Where We Come In

Let us provide your website the ADVANTAGE it needs to rank on the first page, while working to protect your site from any changes that come happen in the future.  If this is done properly you will have customers lining up at your doorstep to do business with you.

One of our distinct advantages:

We have over 3000 sites that we use for testing purposes only.  There are not many out there that can say the same thing. This allows us to have one finger on the pulse of what’s working RIGHT NOW.  More importantly we are able to keep a watchful eye on what Google will be looking for next week, or next month, even next year, your rankings will endure.

Of course no really knows what Google is going to do but if you have a fundamental understanding of the way things are put together, it becomes much easier to figure out how to work with the updates and we have that capability. As a matter of fact we have over 20,000 #1 ranked keywords not just here but internationally too.

Yes we can rank your internet properties, of course we can really dig in and show you what works right now, but shouldn’t your focus be on measurable ROI and bottom line numbers?

THIS is Where We Really Separate Ourselves From the Pack

When we say we really focus on your ROI we mean it. As a matter of fact we tie our fees DIRECTLY to your profit and lead value. This way it is CLEAR what we are expected to deliver and because of that everything just gets easier. I always say most SEO companies just want you to give them money so they can go behind the curtain and pull some levers or twist some knobs. (Read that as call out of state for someone else to do the work)

We Really Are Here to Help You Succeed

The way we determine our fees is completely based on you getting customers, because of that we are fully focused on you making money and having an amazing ROI.

Allow us to show you what we can do for you to get you more leads and help you to get more business. We are in business to help you succeed, anything else is just some guy behind the curtain saying “oh yeah I can help you just throw me money and he will get you ranked.” I see that all the time and it is just irritating. My dad always said if it is a business you need to track it. So we have introduced a new way to get customers that does not place your website in any danger….Contact us to see if your business qualifies.