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It’s Time to Elevate Your Brand with the Power of Video Story-telling.

The Age of Video Content is Now!

Want to know how you can incorporate video storytelling into your social media marketing? Are you looking for a video marketing service company to help you leverage the power of video? If yes, you can trust the experts of Rising Phoenix SEO.

At Rising Phoenix SEO, our video marketers have all the means to tap business opportunities via video marketing. We are adept at the art of handcrafted visual storytelling that engages the target audience and boosts ROI.

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What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a digital marketing strategy for integrating promotional brand videos into a campaign. After images, videos are one of the most engaging elements in marketing. In digital marketing as well, videos have more impact on the audience and are more effective in engaging them.

In digital marketing, videos can be used to promote a brand or its products, create a brand image, engage audiences, drive sales, or build consumer rapport. Video marketing is more than merely creating brand-centric videos and posting it online. To ensure your video makes the desired impact on your viewers, your video marketing approach should be data-driven and closely monitored.

At Rising Phoenix SEO, we are not only proficient at making videos, but also efficient at marketing it and keeping track of its engagement. Our cohesive video marketing approaches can amplify your brand’s reach and help you produce more leads.

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Why Investing in Video Marketing Can Propel Your Business Growth?

  • Video is all the Rage

Market surveys and research have indicated that over 54% of consumers prefer video content over anything else. Videos are more compelling than images, emailers, and other forms of content as it drives 80% of total internet traffic.

  • It is More Efficient at Converting Leads into Sales

Videos are the best ways to attract new audiences, push them down the sales funnel, and convert them into paying consumers. Just adding a video on your landing page can boost the chances of lead conversion by 80%. Videos not only help you acquire new customers but also retain them.

  • Videos Can Boost ROI

Amongst other marketing tools, videos offer a high return on investment. Although video production is not cheap, the result it produces makes it worth investing. The best part about the videos is that only your content will be effective to create the desired impact. One can even make videos from a smartphone and use them for social media posts.

  • It is a Great Tool to Build Trust and Establish Brand Credibility

Trust and credibility are the keys to the long-term success of a business. Competition in the digital era is fierce and calls for innovative means to establish a positive relationship with consumers. Videos are not only effective in putting across a brand message but efficient at creating a brand image. Videos that are informative and entertaining go a long way in propelling engagement and initiating conversation. With video marketing in place, you can transform your brand into a key industry leader.

  • It is Good for SEO

From an SEO point of view, videos are great for SERP ranking. Since videos can capture the attention of visitors much faster, it tends to get them engaged for a longer duration. This increases the time web page visitors spent on the website. Google reads it as a single that the site has user-relevant content and thus gives it a higher ranking. If video marketing is done right, a business has 53% more chances of getting noticed by Google, that means more audience and more leads.

Why Choose Rising Phoenix SEO for Video Marketing Service?

At Rising Phoenix SEO, we have a perfect recipe for engaging video-stories that are bound to boost consumer acquisition and put across the brand message.

Our approach to video-storytelling is cohesive, data-driven, result-centric, and on a par with SEO trends.

Our team comprises of video strategists, content writers, video producers, voice-over artists, and video analysts. Before drafting the video, we first understand what kind of videos will work best for the brand. Besides this, we also devise strategies on how to optimize the video for more reach and engagement.

Once the goal is set, we start video production. Whether you are looking for animated videos, short clips, 360-degree view video, or any other video format, we have the right resources to produce it for you.

Without a robust video marketing channel, however good a video is, it will fail to yield the desired response. Having a video distribution channel is as important as having a video. Our video marketers at Rising Phoenix SEO know which platforms and video formats are best for attracting audiences and how to leverage the technologies for maximum engagement.

Besides a sound video distribution channel, there should be a strong video advertisement strategy in place. Your videos will not get the right viewers if it is not optimized. Our video marketers can handle advertisement campaigns on various channels and measure the metrics. They are also efficient at reaching the right audience, managing the campaign from the start till the end, and taking a proactive approach in handling any situation.

If you are a small business, a start-up, or a big organization looking for a video marketing service in and around Phoenix, Arizona, consult our experts now.

What Do We Do?

Our experienced videographers, video strategies can transform your best blog into a visually appealing video. We have professional voice-over actors, content writers, and video makers who can create engaging V blogs for your brand. Our videos can be used on your website, YouTube channel, or social media.

As we have a blog syndication system at place, each of the videos posted on the website get syndicated and distributed to the branded ring of links designed for you.

The power of video cannot be undermined in this age and time. As a leading SEO company, our video marketing services can help you unlock this power. If you want us to produce your videos, devise video distribution channels to expand your business reach, contact us here.