How To Rank In Bing in 2020

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Many webmasters and SEOs are completely focused on ranking their websites in Google. However, Bing still holds a good portion of the entire web’s search traffic and it is definitely worth your while to also optimize your website for Bing. With that said, we will now look at a few tips and guidelines so that you can do just that.

Firstly, we will start with backlinks. Bing also uses backlinks as a key factor for ranking and you do need to have high quality links with authority in order to rank your website highly on their search engine. However, Bing has slightly different requirements than Google and they actually reward your site if you have more links with exact match anchor texts. Also, the more links that you have to your website, the better you will rank on Bing. Additionally, you should aim to get links from websites that are aged since this is actually one of Bing’s major trust signals. This will work to get you a lot more referral traffic and organic traffic from higher rankings.

Now, even though Bing generally rewards sites with more links, it does not reward spammy links. These types of links will hurt your website’s rankings and once you find spammy backlinks, you should remove them. You can get them disavowed if you can’t get them removed yourself.

Next, we will look at the on-page aspects of Bing SEO. The main difference here between Google and Bing’s algorithm is that Google’s algorithm has become more sophisticated and doesn’t rely as much as it used to on-page factors such as titles, exact match domains etc. However, Bing’s algorithm has not evolved as much which means that these on-page factors still hold a lot of weight. As a result of this, exact match domains actually rank higher on Bing than they do on Google. However, you may not want to use an exact match domain for your website since this can negatively affect branding and future SEO. So, it is best to use exact matches in your page’s headlines, meta description, alt tags etc. Of course, you should still strive to make your content read as naturally as possible.

Another important ranking factor for Bing is high quality content. You should not “keyword-stuff” your content, but instead, ensure that it is highly readable and full of value for your website’s visitors. You should also have an author for each of your pages as this will actually help boost rankings and make sure that you format each page. If you have ads in your content, then it is imperative that your ads and actual content are easily discernible and distinct from one another.

Lastly, social media is another extremely important ranking factor for Bing. This search engine actually checks the likes and social shares of your content on social media and uses it to determine if your content is popular among users. So, if you can improve your social media engagement, you will likely see an improvement in your Bing rankings as well.

To wrap things up, we have just looked at how you can rank your website in Bing. So, be sure to follow these guidelines and you will soon be able to get much more search engine traffic than before.

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