Why Do you Need Content Syndication?

One of the fastest ways to add new content to your website is through blogging, but if your blogs aren’t optimized and no one is seeing them, they’re not going to be terribly effective.

At Rising Phoenix SEO, we develop an entire network for your brand to help you reach your target market. Your blogs are automatically distributed to the network as soon as they’re written. Don’t have a writer on staff? No problem; we do. We’ll create original content for you and even post it to your blog with pictures and the backend SEO needed to help it rank.

How It Works
We start by creating a branded ring with your logo and contact information. Then we connect your website to all of the links on the branded ring so that when Google shows up at your website, they see that you have a series of digital properties. That, in itself, makes Google see you as a brand.

Every time you add a blog to your website, it is distributed—or syndicated—through all of those links on your branded ring. In addition, that content is also sent to all of your social media platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus. And if you’re not on social media yet, we can help remedy that!

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