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When determining whether or not you want to work with an SEO company, there are two key questions you should be asking:

  1. Explain your on-site and off-site SEO strategies.
  2. Do you use blog syndication in your efforts?

If they can’t answer these two questions to your liking, you should probably move along.

When you engage with Rising Phoenix SEO, we conduct an analysis on your website, your existing traffic, and the potential keywords and phrases that will drive additional traffic. We then outline a timetable in which we will put your company on the first page of Google, typically between six and eight months. If we do not successfully meet that objective, we will refund two times your initial retainer.

Our approach is multi-pronged. Essentially, we build a network for you that includes your website, off-site pages, and a branded syndication of your blogs to bring more eyes to your website, thus generating leads.

We set you up with a tracking phone number or email so that only people who visit your website will reach out to you via one of those two channels. We can then pull reports to see who is contacting you through that unique email or phone number.

Through Google Analytics and SerpLab, we can determine where your website is ranking and see if it moves up or down in the listings.

That is a possibility this will be necessary because we want to send leads to a website that will convert. We work with talented website designers who can build a new site for you, and in the interim, we can have a landing page created to draw in and convert leads.

Because of the multitude of strategies and tactics that we employ to boost your online presence, we suggest that you engage with us for a minimum of 10 months. We spread your investment across that time period so you can better manage your budget and we can continue to provide the best SEO possible.

Each of our campaigns is custom built based on your target market, industry, and geography. Most of our clients start at around $2,000 a month, but that price may increase based on the number of key phrases we are targeting and the add-on services you choose to include.

Many SEO companies think that they own 100% of the digital properties that they build. We at Rising Phoenix SEO feel that any property that directly touches your website belongs to you. That means that you will have full access, with logins and passwords, for all of your properties. In the event that you disengage services, we will no longer be powering up those properties; however, you will still have full access and ownership.